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Last Ordering Dates for Christmas!

It'll be Christmas before you know it and we've got some amazing gift ideas for you at the Last Gang Emporium!

To ensure that your order reaches you in time for Christmas, these are our last recommended ordering dates:

Tuesday 5th December: Cyprus, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia)

Friday 8th December: Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand

Tuesday 12th December: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland

Wednesday 13th December: USA, Canada, Finand, Sweden

50% Off Sourpuss Avast Anchor Cardigan!

Flash Sale on the Sourpuss Avast Anchor Cardigan!

The Sourpuss brilliant blue cardigan looks fabulous with classic black & white anchor embroidery & rhinestone buttons - match it with all your favourite nautical looks!

50% off - now only £19.95 !!

Offer ends at 10pm on Monday 20th November

Shop here: